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Stren-Flex Racing Team

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Stren-Flex Cycling News & Race Results

XTerra at Lock 4 - Nashville, TN - July 6, 2008 - Julia Radmann - 1st Place

The Stren-Flex female dirt crew raced XTerra at Lock 4 near Nashville yesterday. I was first female out of the water and got a good lead coming off the bike, but got run down by another chick and ended up finishing 1st in my age group and 2nd female overall.  I guess I should spend less time biking and more running.... (Julia is always so modest!)


Masters Nationals - Louisville, KY - July 4, 2008 - Chris Hurst

The road course was great with smooth roads and a couple of short rolling climbs but the field of 70 or so was too much for me. I became detached from the pack at the end of the 2nd lap and it was a ten lap event : ) So... I picked up another rider who lasted one lap with me and then proceeded to ride five more laps on my own before being caught by a break group of four. At this point I decided it would be best for me to call it a day. Several other Atlanta folks were present for the racing inlcuding Tony Scott, he placed 14th in the 35-39 field. I knew I would be in trouble when a lined up next to the Zipp factory team (4 guys with team Zipp bikes) on one side, two Memorial Health riders behind me (Steve Carrell), and some guys with Rock Racing kits and team bikes in front of me!

The criterium in Sunday monring and wil be in the infield at Churchill Downs (home of the Ky Derby) during the same time that horse racing will be going on. USA Cycling believes that this will be the largest audience for a cyling event (around 10,000 spectators) by default.

XTerra Southeast Championship - Pelham, AL - June 8, 2008 - Julia Radmann - 1st Place

2008 XTerra SE Championship

The swim was not refreshing at all - the lake at Oak Mountain felt like bath water and this was probably the worst swim of my whole triathlon life. Even though I thought I was in a good spot at the start, I was swum over, kicked and punched, swallowed heeps of water that got me coughing, and had to change direction to get away from someone way too many times. Needless to say my swim time sucked. On the bike, I was able to beat my bike time from last year (surprise surprise.. considering that's really the only thing I've been training). But my Yeti desperately needs to go back to Liam for some TLC since my gears were skipping all over the place. This may also have been a good thing, as it kept me in bigger gears on the climbs and made me just work harder. I did take it easy and safe on the downhills after crashing on this course last year and I didn't want to repeat that. I knew the run was going to be hard, since I had not been running much and the run course was brutal with countless steep ups and downs. It was so hot, I kept pouring cold water on my head at every aid station.. besides downing lots of gatorade, and my shoes were soaking wet. So I got to learn my painful lesson of a bad combination of not-tight-enough shoes and really soggy socks, as I slid forward in my shoes with lots of squeeking noises at every downhill and my toes really took a major beating. At least the leg cramping didn't start until the finish line was in sight and nobody was behind me to outsprint me at the finish, so I made it in just a few minutes slower than last year, which was enough for a first place in my age group. Another fun day of racing. :)

Union City Mayors Stage Race - May 31-June 1 - Master's Crew - 4th Place, General Classification

2008 Union City Race

Glenn, Ryan, Chris and Josh raced the Union City Stage Race.  Despite the heat and lack of racing this year, the team had a successful weekend of racing.  Here’s how it unfolded.

Time Trial – Saturday Morning: We arrived early for a rolling 10 mile time trial on South Fulton Parkway.  Realizing the time gaps from the time trial would go a long way toward shaping the General Classification, we decided to ride hard and see what happened.  I had some extra incentive as I had lost my only head to head time trial with Ryan (because I took a wrong turn) and needed to redeem myself.  The course was difficult with fast downhill sections and punishing climbs that required high cadence to prevent overworking the muscles in your legs.  I crossed the line in 22:43 (26.5mph average) which was good for 6th place.  Chris was just behind in 8th, just 24 seconds behind.  Most importantly, I was able to show Ryan how to ride with the big boys once again as he came in 12th.

Circuit Race – Saturday Afternoon: After some food, rest and a strategy session, we decided to place the GC hopes on my shoulders for the weekend.  That meant lots of work for the team to try to keep the group together during the race and hope I could make some time with bonuses or perhaps a well timed breakaway.  The course had an awesome downhill on the backstretch and a tough front side that was slightly uphill and into the wind.  We managed to keep it together for most of the race, with Glenn and Chris getting popped due to their hard work.  A break did materialize with two people up the road and we could not counter.  While we were setting up for the final charge for the finish, a solo attack went off down the backstretch.  Ryan bridged up while I was caught in the pack.  I finally got out, but could not catch those two and crossed the line just behind Ryan.  We finished 4th and 5th, but more importantly were able to move up to 4th and 7th in the General Classification.

Road Race – Sunday Morning: We had a much larger field today as this was the Georgia State Championship Road Race and the first race out in the Silk Sheets area.   We had a simple plan.  Protect my GC position (5th place was only 6 seconds back) and try to keep it together for a sprint finish.  This turned out to be a tall order.  Chris had a mechanical just a few miles in and we were down to three.  For the next three hours we endured attack after attack.  Glenn was stellar all day and Ryan even brought back a break on a downhill (an amazing feat for a small guy).  Our plan was working great as we were all together coming back toward the finish.  That is, until I started cramping.  Two days of hard racing had taken a toll on my body and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sprint for the win.  I told Glenn and he rocketed forward down the finishing stretch with renewed vigor and crossed the line in 7th place.  Ryan and I rolled through in the pack and were able to hold on to 4th and 7th in the General Classification.  Many thanks to the guys for steering me so well all weekend!


Tour of Atlanta - May 24-26 - Glenn "Not so Average G" Bradley and Ryan "Counsel" Pumpian

Glenn and Ryan raced a few stages of the Tour of Atlanta over Memorial Day weekend. The stages were tough and Glenn braved a few of them on his own. Ryan joined him on the last day's crit in preparation for the Union City weekend coming up.  Here is their take on the weekend:

Glenn:  I did the RR on Saturday got rained on, tried to get in a break didn't' work out sprinted at the line and got 8th. Did the Crit in Gainesville on Sunday made it through turn 3 and 4 in the final lap after some bumping and guys trying to crash out ended up 17th. Ryan raced on Monday and he was very active but you don't want to be behind him on a flat fast section cause he is like drafting behind a toothpick! Had to go around him a few times but made sure he was with me when I did. He made a good move about 1/2 way to get in a good looking break it had all the right elements. I bridged up and thought this was it and we would be gone but after getting a 1/2 lap on the group they just sat up. Probably moved up too late and got 12th in the sprint. I am rusty on forcing my way forward in the last few laps. Ryan was 18th I think but will let him add what he would like to this. what he would like to this.

Ryan:  Sounds about right. The downhill side of the crit was killing me. Also, I tried to bridge up to a solo guy when we were within the laps but I got caught on the downhill side with about 1.5 laps to go and just sat in from there. The solo guy was caught too and the sprint was on.

12 Hours of Tsali - May 17 - Julia Radmann - 1st Place


I raced 12 Hours of Tsali on Saturday with Carey Lowery and Lisa Randall on an all-female team. Competition was tough and kept us on our toes all day, especially since it was only three of us and all other teams had four women, but we put 13 smokin' fast laps in and won 1st place. :). :)

Brasstown Baldbuster Century - May 17 - Chris Hurst

Saturday turned out to be a great weather day for a ride in North Georgia, but the Brasstwon Bald Century quickly dampened my spirits.  Bryan Holloway and I drove up togther and ended up running a bit late in the morning.  As we were still getting ready the group rolled out and we still had to drop our change of clothing off at check in.  So, we were immediately in chase mode to catch the lead pack and were taking hard pulls for about 7 miles before finally latching on.  Unfortunately, three Cat 1 cycleworks riders decided to do the ride this year in order to break the time record and shoot for a 5-hour time.  This meant lots of pain....  My bike computer was not functioning (I had to stop three times to adjust the sensor which kept slipping into the spokes) but was told we were averaging about 25mph for the first 40 miles.  At mile 62, after suffering through multiple hard surges and briding back on, I let the lead pack of riders which was down to 11 folks go and settled into a much more confortable pace. However, the damage to my legs was already done and I began contemplating turning around at the base of hogpen which would result in 80 miles of hard riding.  At the sag stop I got off the bike and stretched and my legs, which were very tight and hurting. I jumped back on the bike and rolled very gingerly back into Helen and called it a day.  The first person to the top was one of the three Cat 1 riders with a reported finishing time of 5:12.  The fastest time up Brasstown was sub twenty minutes (by the winner).

Series 7 Time Trial, Cumming, GA - May 10 - Patrick Manginn - 6th Place

I had enough time to sneak in the TT at the GA Cup race Saturday morning so I figured I would give it a go, this did not go well.  It was 25. min. to my start time and I had just put my new Stren-Flex skin suit on and turned to my truck door to put on my aero helmet when I discovered I had locked the keys in the car...not good.  The next 15min. were spent scouring the parking lot looking for a Large helmet, or any helmet for that matter that would fit my size 8 melon of a head.  I had to settle for a medium (thanks to the Caff:ene team), which as my wife put it "looked like a little mushroom growing on my head."  So, with my newly acquired helmet perched on my head I had enough time to sprint a few times up and down the parking lot before rolling to the start.
The course had no shoulder at all and was open to traffic - 3.2 miles out, 3.2 back.  About 2 miles out I was closing fast on the guy in front of me who, do to his slow progress, had backed up three cars in his wake.  As I attempted to pass these cars on the white line, the first one (a mini van) proceeded to swerve across the white line and run me into the ditch, across a front lawn and through 3 spectators/officials in lawn chairs - the whole time of which I was shouting expletives I did not even know I knew!  With a burst of adrenaline I was back on the road safely and now passing cars on or across the double yellow, center line be Damned!!

The rest of the course went ok and I finished in a surprising 6th place out of about 50+ riders.  After shelling out $60 to get my keys out of my truck I went home a little lighter in the wallet, but no worse for the wear.  That being said, it was still more fun than a work day.

Dirty Spokes Mountain Bike Race - Fort Yargo - Patrick Maginn - 3rd Place


This years Dirty Spokes mtn. bike race at Ft. Yargo was great.  I entered in the 6hr. 2 man category with my brother - his first official mtn. bike race.  The weather was great and the course was dry and fast.  After sitting as far back as 5th 3 laps into the race, we battled back to 3rd place by the 5th lap.  When I came into the transition area after our fifth lap I discovered my brother was still cramping, so I went back out for the sixth lap.  In the end I got us to within 2min. of the second place team but could not close the gap, however we were happy with the result.  I recommend this race to anyone who is interested next year.  It was well run and had great prizes.  My brother and I each received a $60 Bell helmet for 3rd place, along with the usual swag (shirt, bottles, nutrition bars, etc.).

Sunny King & Roswell Crit Report - Chris Hurst

Glenn and I both raced Masters 35+ at Anniston and Roswell this past weekend both of which are great courses and events. About 20 minutes into the 45 minute race a group of five established ashort break off the front and appeared to be gaining ground. After a couple of congested laps, I attacked from the group in an effort to catch the break but after a lap and a half was unable to catch them. Glenn then made an effort to bridge up to another solo rider that was pulling away from the group, but after he reached him they could not keep the effort going. With eight minutes of racing left, I went off the front again hoping to stay away or have some others come along. After two laps of pushing it I was cooked and subsequently over run by the pack with two laps to go.

On Sunday, Glen toook a more conservative approach and waited until near the end to try and get away but was unable to make anything work out and finished within the pack. I on the other hand decide to attack again since I enjoy going really hard for a short period of time then blowing up (great exposure for the sponsors). I tried to catch another break away solo rider about half way through the race and chased for two laps. The field closed in on us just when I was closing in on his wheel. I ended up drifting too far off the back when coming back into the field and was eventually pulled form the race after dangling off the back for two laps.

Ryans' son made a last minute decission to race the kids race and walked away with the only metal of the day for Stren-Flex Cycling : ) His repsonse on how the race went was "it was easy..." If only I could say the same .......

XTerra, Fort Yargo - Apr 26 - Julia Radmann - 2nd Place

Julia Radmann Fort Yargo 2nd Place

My claim to fame today was that I was the first female out of the water. (Wow, that one swim training in the last 6 months must have really paid off!!) I had been hoping for a non-wetsuit legal swim, but unfortunately it wasn't quite warm enough for that. The swim went really well though and I took a chance at lining up in the middle all the way in the front, which is usually a dangerous place to be if you don't want to get swum over and kicked in the head. I haven't seen official results yet, but I finished the half-mile swim in somewhere around 14 minutes I think, had a pretty fast transition and headed out on the 11 mile mountain bike loop with two girls not too far back. I held them off for a while, but wouldn't have been able to keep that pace for 11 miles, so eventually they closed in on me, passed me, and left me in the dust. I probably should have pre-ridden the course, since it was different from last year and there were quite a few new sections. Two more girls passed me on the 5 mile run that followed, where my legs started to cramp up. This run just seemed to go on forever. After running for 30 minutes, we were still on the opposite site of the lake from the finish. I finished 5th female and 2nd in my agegroup.

Whistlestop Duathlon - Apr 13 - Julia Radmann - 2nd Place

Since I wasn't tired and sore enough from racing Blue Ridge yesterday, I raced the Whistlestop Duathlon in Birmingham, AL today. Despite my blown up hamstrings, I managed to make up for my slow run times somehow by going hard on bike, and came in 2nd in my agegroup.

Blue Ridge Adventure Race - April 12th - Julia Radmann - 1st Place

Blue Ridge Adventure Race

What a great race! Here's a quick run-down of our strategy: CP 1 was a sprint up the mountain with a short bushwhack to the top. Only one person had to do this, so we sent Ricky, while Bill and I got the boat ready. Ricky did awesome and came down in fifth place and we put in the water right behind Enduraventure. We had opted to take the Kevlar down the Tocooa River and so were frantically trying to catch up to Enduraventure to check out their line and help us in avoiding all the bad rocks. We got stuck at one bad section . CPO2 had some problems with their Kelvar too and we passed back and forth with them. To avoid any further scrapes to the boat, we took out at Sandy Bottoms and portaged to CP2, right on the heals of Enduraventure. From here, we sent Ricky up FS35 on foot towards CP8 and 9. Bill and I went down to get our bikes at CP3 at Shallowford Bridge. Here, they had a little mystery event set up which made us wade through the river and Bill had to climb up the cargo net onto the bridge. From here, we chased after Ricky, whom we expected to catch well before CP9. We collected CP8 on the way up, got to CP9, but no sign of Ricky, who had run up so fast, we didn't catch him in time. Bill dropped his bike and went on to collect 10,11, 4, 5, 6, and 7 on foot. I chased after Ricky, who was about half a mile up the road. He picked up Bill's bike and we made our way back down past CP2 back to CP3, where we dropped our bikes and started running back up to 2. We picked up the canoe and headed for 13. Here we got the canoe in position and had nothing to do but wait for Bill to make his way back. We saw quite a few teams (or rather fractions of teams) come through here and working on loading bikes up onto their canoes and portaging them across the river. As far as we could find out, no complete team had taken off by boat or with bikes on boat yet, so we were pretty psyched. Still we counted on saving time by not having the portage and being able to skip the canoe drop at Turkey Farm, so we paddled like mad, collected CP12, and then headed for CP14. At 14, we had to plot an additional point, which sent us back, but this was definitely easier to get to by boat than by bike. We spotted a boat coming up behind us and picked up the pace again. We got lucky with the wind that left us alone at the beginning of the paddle and only picked up later on our way to the marina/CP15, when the wind was actually coming from behind. CP15 was the first place to find out what position we were in, so of course the first question we asked was "Anyone come through yet?". We were excited to hear we were the first and no canoe behind us in sight yet. From here it was a 3.5 mile run into town and as we ran out, we saw the first team on bikes making their way to the marina and we figured we had about a 10 minute lead. Being in the lead (and wanting to stay there) made us push the pace. Afterall, we didn't know what mystery event was waiting for us at the finish and we couldn't afford any time penalty. We ended up making it across the finish with a 14 minute lead.

Team Training Camp - March 22-23 - Blairsville, GA

2008 Stren-Flex Team Training Camp

Blairsville Training camp was hard as always and I often was in a position to watch Ryan and John ride away from me up the hills. The "wall" up to Brasstown once again tortured me and left me at a dead standstill at one point in which I had to stop and take a breather before continuing with the leg presses (aka bike riding) to less steep road. Big Thanks to Ryan for hosting us and to everyone who showed up. It was hard but fun as always.

10-30-2007 Xterra World Championships, Hawaii

Julia raced at the Xterra World Championships this past weekend in Hawaii. "Aloha, I finished 11th in my age group at XTerra Worlds in Maui yesterday, in a time of 4:06:20. I was able to drop about 25 minutes off my time from last year (when I finished 13th). The bike course seemed a little easier and less brutal with fewer lava rocks, and I did a lot better on the run. Unfortunately, I got outsprinted at the finish line by a girl who sneaked up behind me and who took 10th, but I was still happy about my finish.. with no crashes, no mechanicals or flats, and hardly any cramping on the run."

Julia at Xterra Worlds in Hawaii

10-21-2007 Conyers Cyclocross

Thanks to everyone on the team today that came out to volunteer at the cyclocross race in Conyers at the Georgia International Horse Park. The team sold series t-shirts and pint glasses, cheered on the riders, and broke down the course after the race. Chris and Trish pulled double duty by racing. Chris finished midpack in the Masters 35+. Trish got very ill and barely finished the A Women.

Stren-Flex® volunteers ready to work (after coffee!)
Chris hurdles a barrier during the Masters 35+ race in Conyers

10-15-2007 Cincinnati Cyclocross by Trish

I went to Cincinnati, Ohio this past weekend to do two UCI Cyclocross races. I had a terrible race on Saturday. It was like I forgot how to ride my bike. I kept sliding out everywhere on this tight, technical course. I wound up 7th in the B Women. Sunday's course was much more open and "roadie." I felt really good but did not get a good start. I picked my way towards the front and placed 6th of 14 riders. I was happy with my results because it is still early in the year.

10-8-2007 Alabama Cyclocross by Chris Hurst

Here is the brief report from the first cyclocross race of the season. This event took place in a park a little bit south of the city and it was a very hard course with 7 dismounts, including two creek crossings and two log barriers and a barricade section set on a twisty wooded section. There was also a section of soupy mud just below the drainage from a baseball field that punished your legs every time you crawled through it.

Trish raced the Women's field and took 5th out of nine riders and actually received her race entry back in prize money. She had a great race and I did not lap her until two laps to go! Great job Trish!

I raced in the B field (just a few minutes ahead of the ladies), which is CAT 3/4 equivalent and placed 11th out of 19 riders. I was top 5 for the first lap and felt good but continued to loose ground at every friggin obstacle. I had to sprint against another rider at the finish pavement section to hold onto 11th and only had him but about a foot. I managed not to crash at any point during the race bud did do an endo while on my second practice lap before the race while attempting to bunny hop a creek crossing : )

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