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Stren-Flex Lifting Slings, Strength and Flexibility In Lifting

Stren-Flex® Synthetic Round Slings, Synthetic Web Slings, Cargo Strap Tiedowns,Chain Slings, and Lifting Slings
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Stren-Flex® Polyester Roundslings

Stren-Flex® Endless Roundslings
Endless Roundslings
Stren-Flex® Eye & Eye Roundslings
Eye & Eye Roundslings
Stren-Flex® Bridled Roundslings
Bridled Roundslings
Stren-Flex® Braided Roundslings
Braided Roundslings
Stren-Flex® Stage Roundslings
Stage Roundslings


  • Color-coded for positive sling capacity identification
  • Double-wall, woven seamless cover for longer sling life
  • Durable capacity tag provides serial number traceability
  • Red-striped white core warning yarns provide positive indication for sling replacement
  • Low elongation (approximately 3% at rated capacity)
  • Consistently matched lengths
  • Soft and light weight for easy rigging
  • No loss of strength from abrasion on cover
  • Easily conforms to the shape of the load
  • Sling life can be extended by rotating bearing points
Stren-Flex® Roundsling Core Warning Yarns

Roundslings, made of durable, high strength materials, are light-weight and flexible in construction. Roundslings, like web slings, are gentle to the load and provide some protection to fragile loads. A roundsling is seamless and tubular in construction with no stitched edges to become snagged or ruptured. In addition, roundslings are color coded according to capacities to allow easy identification while the soft pliable body of a round sling allows it to hug uneven and odd-shaped loads. Polyester roundslings stretch nearly 3% at the rated capacity and will return to the original length after the load is released. The cover of a roundsling protects load bearing yarns from ultra-violet degradation as well as abrasion. A roundsling is the cost effective choice in high capacity lifting or pulling applications.

Endless Round Slings 

  • The most flexible style of sling
  • Less rigging weight
  • Easy handling
  • Wear points can be shifted to extend life
  • Color-coded capacity indication
  • Red core warning fibers
  • Models up to and including size 7 feature polyester core yarns and covers
  • Roundslings following and including size 8 feature Cordura nylon covers for increased abrasion resistance
Stren-Flex® Endless Roundslings

Eye & Eye Roundslings

  • Same basic features of a polyester roundsling
  • Saves money by extending the life of the body of the sling
  • Double-wall cover under the body cover to protect load bearing yarns
Stren-Flex® Eye & Eye Roundslings

Bridle Roundslings (single, double, triple, quad leg)

  • Include all the basic features of a polyester roundsling
  • Easier to handle than chain or wire rope
  • Sling hooks quickly connect to loads having hoist rings or eye bolts
  • Hardware avoids abrasion and cutting of the sling at bearing points
  • Hoist hooks available with or without safety latch
Stren-Flex® Bridled Roundslings

Braided Roundslings

  • Back-up safety
  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • Repairable by replacing damaged components
Stren-Flex® Braided Roundslings

Stage Roundslings

  • Double-wall, black color cover
  • Consistently matched lengths
  • Lightweight, soft, and pliable
  • Same features as basic round sling (except color)
  • A standard in the concert and theatrical industries
  • Ideal for inconspicuous suspension of sound and lighting equipment
Stren-Flex® Stage Roundsling
Endless Stage Round Slings Rated Capacity (lbs.) Minimum Length (ft.) Approx Weight (lbs./ft.) Approx Body Dia Relaxed (in.) Approx Width at Load (in.)
Part# Color Vertical Choker Basket
ERS-30 Black 2,600 2,100 5,200 1.5 0.3 0.62 1.12
ERS-60 Black 5,300 4,200 10,600 1.5 0.4 0.87 1.50
ERS-90 Black 8,400 6,700 16,800 2.0 0.5 1.12 1.87
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