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Trouble Shooting Checklist for Broken Wire Ropes

Type Sample Image Cause
Abrasion Wire Rope Abrasion Frozen sheaves or rollers
Tight grooves
Excessive fleet angle
Oversized or undersized rope
Corrugated sheave or drum
Sheave overspin
Rope jumping the sheave
Poor spooling
Misaligned sheaves
Site contaminants
Core Protusion and Slippage Wire Rope Shock Shockloading
Poor seizing techniques
Poor installation techniques
Corrosion Wire Rope Corrosion Lack of lubrication
Environmental damage
Improper storage
Crushing Wire Rope Crushing Poor installation techniques
Poor installation techniques
Poor spooling
Incorrect wire rope construction
Poor break-in procedure
Excessive fleet angle
Excessive rope length
Fatigue Wire Rope Fatigue Out of round sheaves
Tight grooves
Misaligned sheaves
Undersized sheaves
Worn bearings
Reverse bends
Diameter Reduction   Lack of lubrication (fiber core)
Excessive abrasion
Corrosion, internal and/or external
High Stranding   Poor seizing techniques
Tight grooves
Undersized sheaves
Poor installation techniques
Jumping the Sheave   Poor spooling
Excessive rope length
Broken flange
Kinking   Poor unreeling procedures
Poor installation techniques
Undersized sheaves
Lay Lengthening & Tightening   Poor installation techniques
Poor unreeling procedures
Core failure
Looped Wires   Poor installation techniques
Undersized sheaves
Unbalanced Rope   Oversized sheaves
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