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Load Calculator

Rated Capacities for Slings

Use the following calculator to determine the rated capacity required by the sling(s).  You will need a sling or slings with a rated capacity equal to or greater than the rated capacity required for the corresponding rigging technique.

Minimum weight on each leg: 0 lbs. Maximum weight on each leg: 0 lbs. Minimum Rated Capacity Requred: 0 lbs.

To calculate the load on a particular sling leg proceed as follows:

  1. Take the total weight of the load and divide this by the number of legs supporting the load. For example, assume a 2,000 pound load is to be supported by 2 legs of a sling. The above will give a total minimum weight on each leg of the sling of 2,000 pounds divided by 2 legs or 1,000 pounds.
  2. Determine the load factor by observing the load factor chart below. Ex. Assume that the leg angle will be 60°. The load factor for 60° from the load factor chart is 1.154.
  3. Multiply the load factor times the minimum weight to be supported by the leg, i.e. 1,000 pounds times 1.154=1154 pounds. The rated sling capacity needed is then 2,308 (1,154x2) pounds in basket capacity to safely lift the 2,000 pound load.
Leg Angle Load Factor
90° 1.000
85° 1.003
80° 1.015
75° 1.035
70° 1.064
65° 1.103
60° 1.154
55° 1.220
50° 1.305
45° 1.414
40° 1.555
35° 1.743
30° 2.000