Strength & Flexibility in Lifting


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Synthetic slings

Synthetic slings are made of nylon and polyester to suit various applications. When choosing a material, Stren-Flex® recommends considering a material’s resistance to specific chemicals, temperature, and stretch factor. Stren-Flex® recommends nylon web slings for most web sling applications, and polyester roundslings are useful in applications requiring low stretch and acid resistant materials. All standard Stren-Flex® slings are sewn using nylon webbing unless polyester webbing is specified by the customer.



Welded graded chain is an industrial grade chain used exclusively for rigging, towing and overhead lifting applications. The standardized grade designations are 30, 43 and 70 for carbon steel chain, and grade 80 and 100 for alloy steel chain. The grade number relates to the strength level of the chain, with the grade number increasing as the strength of the chain increases. We also offer weldless and non-graded chain for non-technical and low strength applications. The following provides an analysis and application recommendations for specific welded chain grades.


Chain Slings

Different "types" of chain slings can be assembled in order to accommodate individual, specific needs. Chain slings are typically designated by a three character symbol based upon the number of legs and types of components used in the assembly.  Click "Learn More" for some examples of Single Leg, Double Leg, Triple Leg, and Quad Leg chain slings we supply.


Wire rope

Wire rope is a machine composed of a number of precise, moving parts, designed and manufactured to bear a very definite relation to one another. In fact, some wire ropes contain more moving parts than many complicated mechanisms. For example, a 6-strand rope with 49-wire strands laid around an independent wire rope core contains a total of 343 individual wires. All of these wires must work together and move with respect to one another if the rope is to have the flexibility necessary for successful operation.


Wire rope slings

Wire rope slings are strong, efficient, and reliable accessories in the material handling industry. Wire rope functions as a excellent sling material in applications where a combination of strength and abrasion are necessary. Wire rope slings are available in an array of configurations to fit almost any application.


cargo control

Of the many materials from which tie downs can be made, synthetic web ratchet tie downs and carbon chain load binders are the most common materials. Web tie downs are available in nylon and polyester configurations of various widths and strengths. Similarly, carbon chain load binders are available in variable sizes to compensate for differing chain sizes and grades.